Homestead Exemption

Do you know if your property tax bill reflects a homestead exemption?

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If in doubt, or just want confirmation, please fill in the form below and I’ll check for you!

I will personally check your property tax file and reply to you within 24 hours. I will not share your information at all with anyone.

If I find that you are not receiving a homestead exemption for which you qualify, I will provide a detailed email on how to proceed with application. I cannot apply for you, and I do not receive ANY compensation for this service. I care intensely about my community members and wish for everyone to receive the benefits they deserve and earn! Besides homestead exemption, there are many other property tax exemptions that could also assist in lowering your tax bill, such as Veteran disability status, widow, and portability to name just a few.

Don’t overpay on your property taxes! 🧡 🏡 🧡

First name, last name and email address are required. If you prefer to receive the information via text message or phone call, please provide your phone number as well. If you provide your address now, it will make the process much faster. If you prefer to provide it later via email or text/call, that’s understandable, but please allow additional time for us to communicate together. Thank you!

If you have the exemption in place, it should stay in place until you move or buy another property that you claim homestead. With skyrocketing home values, PLEASE CHECK THIS!! Homestead exemption provides a ceiling of 3% property tax increase per year, so with values jumping in the double digits, you want to keep that property tax as low as possible to help avoid that nastygram from your mortgage lender about increasing your payment to bump up your escrow account to cover that high tax bill. If you move within SJC, you can possibly use “portability” to take those savings with you too! Please contact me to help you navigate this!

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